News is out that “ The most reliable performance machine is now ready to deliver more profits.” From 1986, when India’s 1st SFC was launched, grown into the SFC 709 to the present day TATA 710 SFC, the truck has come a long way. And with every evolution of our dearest truck, the Trust for the 710, within the hearts of all its proud Owners has also grown multi-fold.

Modelled in line with its predecessor, the SFC 709, this power packed vehicle has upped the game in terms of Improved product and driver packages, enhanced connectivity and Gradeability, lower cost of ownership. In addition, Tata Motors is the ONLY manufacturer in India selling the SFC styled Cabins with the unique ‘NOSE’ for highest levels of safety.

With a vast application portfolio including Construction materials, Tankers, LPG Cylinders, poultry Carriers, this 7.49 Ton Cargo Truck with a 12 Ft Deck length, is an epitome of versatility coupled with Stability.